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2019 — Ellevest

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Retailer Order Dashboard for Blackbox

Blackbox is a shipping company for independent artists owned by Cards Against Humanity. The service takes care of everything that happens after customers click the “buy” button – the checkout process, credit card processing, customer service, and shipping. As a Lead UX Designer, I worked on creating new features for the product and scaling features to support multiple types of users.


Scaling content for multiple devices

When talking to users, common usability issues came to surface. Most of our retailers and warehouse users worked on lower resolution screens or on tablets. I created an optimized minimum breakpoint view for our orders table. This allowed users to scan the information that was most important to them, and dig dipper to find details on specific orders.

Orders v5 - ipad Copy.png
Orders v5 - responsive, before break point Copy.png

Because many of our customers had major launches or restocks, they had small windows of times with high volumes of orders. I created a more flexible pagination control so retailers could quickly skip ahead to find the order they were looking for.

Orders v5 - ipad.png

For tablet breakpoints, I created a card view of the table content. This optimized the experience for touch screen interactions and the actions users take while on the go. The layout also reduced the need to truncate information.

Orders v5 - iphone.png
Orders v5 - iphone Copy 2.png

Additionally, I designed mobile breakpoints. Much like the desktop experience, this showed limited information that you could dig into to reveal more. These two screens show two different primary actions on the top of the screen. The first action a plus button, would allow for a variety of actions, whereas "Create Order" would lead towards a limited mobile experience. We found that retailers rarely used mobile to view this table, and when they did it was to view specific content or just to check the general status all orders. We close to limit the content available in the card, allowing the users to click into a card to expand to see the summary details if needed.


Filtering to find orders

Filters were a new functionality I added to the during this revision. Users wanted to be able to find orders, quickly, and filters allowed them to do just that. Allowing customers support, company owners & creators, or even warehouse members to filter by status, product, price of order, date, and location, helped them find information they needed with limited pagination.

Orders v5 filters.png