Molly Bramlet

Designing a user-focused scheduling system

2018 — Yello

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Multi-slot Scheduling in Yello Enterprise

For enterprise level Talent Acquisition organizations who need efficient scheduling functionality, Yello Scheduling is a solution that provides flexible and efficient scheduling features improving critical touch points with both candidates & interviewers and that grants recruiters time to focus on nurturing their talent pool.

Interview Setup Copy.png

Interview creation screen provides a guided experience for scheduling coordinators and recruiters. Users are able to enter criteria for interviews and create templates based on information provided by hiring managers without being distracted by calendar data.

04 - Calendar View Copy 4.png

Once interview criteria has been submitted, scheduling coordinators are able to view the soonest possible result. Our super flexible algorithm allows recruiters to schedule 1-to-1, individual candidate-to-panel, and individual-to-linked-panel schedules without having to map availabilities manually.

04 - Calendar View Copy 5.png

Hovering on calendar slots allows recruiters to view the criteria that has been selected in the calendar view. This information is provided contextually, so recruiters are not overwhelmed when initially reviewing the generated schedule.

04 - Calendar View Copy 7.png

Selecting a new time on the calendar opens an additional availabilities modal, which allows recruiters filter by date, time, and order of interview slots. The panel view provides the user with more context so they are aware how each edit they make can effect a linked schedule.