Molly Bramlet

Humanizing a telehealth brand

2015 — Opternative


Opternative's Digital Brand

Opternative, an online eye exam, was launched as a direct to consumer product. Through our product and marketing efforts, we defined personas we aimed to reach — young, working professionals and eye doctors who could join our network. We wanted to build a brand who could reach both.


The Challenge

The marketing website pose a challenge to our team because we needed a single site to perform many tasks. Our goals were to acquire users, recruit doctors, and build trust. I had an additional design goal of having the site serve as a new set of brand standards that could be implemented across the company and product. This required that design decisions not only meet the needs of the Marketing and Patient Support teams but also have scalable and reusable elements and code.


The Process

As a joint effort with the marketing team, I reviewed videographers and hired the company that had the best look and script for our brand. We teamed up with Ben Derico and Juan Camilo Moore of Derico Films who created storyboards, mood boards, and scripts for us, checking in with our team every step of the way. They were able to strike a balance between playful and informative and quickly created an art direction that complemented our existing design elements. Simultaneously, I worked with photographer Lucy Hewett to shoot product and lifestyle shots for our website and additional promotional use. Lucy shot beautiful photographs that complimented the video’s aesthetic and helped elevate our brand. The addition of photo and video assets was a big boost in the trust we were trying to promote – but part of trust is also feeling comfortable. Once the visual design was completed, I worked extremely closely with our developers to create stylesheets that could be used on future designs across the company.


The Results

The CSS of then became the kickoff for Opternative’s updated style and standards guides. My final months at Opternative were spent auditing the site, the exam experience, and the portals. I created documentation for the design team, development team, and company to specify the visual standards. Through these audits I was able show how brand elements like color, iconography, and typography enhance or degrade the usability and feel of a product or site. Branding is more than looking pretty or cool, it is utilizing elements of design to create a seamless interaction users will enjoy. Within the three months after launch, Opternative saw over 19,000 signups.