Molly Bramlet

Onboarding a network of independent retailers

2016 — Blackbox


The Process

While working with Blackbox, I was tasked with creating a dashboard for retailers. The dashboard was to be based off of an existing bootstrap dashboard that served the Cards Against Humanity retailers. These features were being migrated to the Blackbox servers and getting a brand refresh, the ability to supply retailers with products from multiple brands, and some feature and UI updates. The user stories were defined by the Director of Wholesale and Director of Product for Blackbox. My role was to find a middle ground in both party's needs and come up with designs that satisfied both parties, while keeping the user as the highest priority and staying within the defined scope of the project.



One of the biggest concerns of this product was how it would scale from Cards Against Humanities' small, curated network of stores to a broader network of Blackbox retailers. Cards Against Humanity prides themselves on the personal connection their retailers have with their wholesale support team, however, that solution was not scalable. When auditing the existing experience, I determined that the existing account set up process involved a lot of handholding. To allow the product to scale, I created a step-by-step sign up process that educated new retail client as they went on, lessening the need for personal contact with the Blackbox Customer Support Team.


The original account setup and sign up screens were lengthy and required a lot of manual review from the Cards Against Humanity Wholesale Manager.


The updated wireframes show the left side of the screen being used to engage the user on the specific content and provide room for informative content without overwhelming them. Specific calls to action and pagination allow them to still know where they are in a step-by-step process without showing all the content on a single screen. The right side provides room for additional illustration and brand elements that help inform the user and enhance the Blackbox experience.

The screens were broken up to allow the user to realize the first step was to create their own login that would then be associated with a store. After that, they step up their store which their login and team member logins are associated with. Once in the dashboard, they can add additional locations. I chose to have payment and adding team members as an optional part of the onboarding processes. We found that a majority of clients who sign up immediately want to place an order. I wanted to create a straight forward onboarding process that had everything set up for them so once their sign up was complete, their checkout process would go smoothly. In order to accommodate those who did just want to quickly sign up but not place orders, the option to skip, still exists.

This was Blackbox's first endeavor into user onboarding. The dashboard updates are scheduled to go live in Spring of 2017. The team at Blackbox is looking to test these designs as well as moving the content in the lefthand column into modules in the checkout process.